5 Different types of milk to use in your White Russian

The days of one, two, or even three kinds of milk to choose from are a thing of the past.  You can now pair each meal with a different type of milk if you like.  Whether it’s Vitamin D with your cereal for an extra boost of calcium in the morning to a nice light glass of rice milk with your steak dinner, the possibilities are endless.  Below we have selected five of the best milk pairs with one of our favorite cocktail recipes, The White Russian, and the pros and cons that come with using each type.
1) Whole- The OG, it’s thick, creamy, and rich.  It also could do a number on your stomach if you are lactose intolerant.  It makes for a great, full cocktail, but if it’s going to make you sick, then it’s not worth it at all.
2) Soy- Usually thicker and a little sweeter than other non-dairy milk alternatives, it can add some needed body to the White Russian and is good for anyone with a little more of a sweet tooth, but in more recent studies over consumption of soy has been linked to some causes for cancer.
3) Cashew or Almond- These nuttier tasting kinds of milk work very well with the coffee flavored liqueur in the White Russian and have a good dose of calcium, but they are very high in sodium and may not be the best choice for someone with high blood pressure.
4) Goat- Thicker and sweeter than cows milk, it is usually available in lower quantities which usually is a byproduct of more humane ways of getting the milk from the animal, but goat milk is very high in cholesterol and should be used sparingly.
5) Hemp- Even nuttier than Almond or Cashew, but not quite as nutty as hazelnut milk it can be used if you really want a more nutty flavor, but it is kind of watery and may lend itself to a more watered down tasting drink.
Most people steer clear of a White Russian because they think it can only be made with cream, but in an age where there are more than 13 different types of milk to choose from, your options are almost endless.